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IELTS Graph Writing Task - Make Grammatical Corrections
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IELTS Graph Writing Task - Make Grammatical Corrections

By Admin at March 12, 2012 18:03
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IELTS Academic Exam is taken by students for admissions in British, New Zealand, Austrlia, Canada and US colleges and universities

Graph Writing Task 1

Following are some common mistakes Academic students do while writing.


Send the correct sentences to info@teconline.in to improve your grammar.

1. In 1994 to 2004 there were a continuos increase in the people which went to North America.

2. 23 Book club member prefferred reading fiction.

3. From 2003 23 percent of the graduates earning less than the national average.

4. In 1990 2000 people was unemployed.

5. In 2009 there were a lake in the wsetern region.

6. The percentage of water used agriculture sector were 90.

7. 17 hours was spend by people in reading books on a month.

8. During 1994 there was a factory but in 2000 it were converted into skyscrapers.

9. After being converted into liquid two by products was produced.

10. The area of woodland were convert into golf club.

Correct these sentences for grammar and spellings and send to info@teconline.in

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