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IELTS-Blog: Sample Writing For IELTS Exams
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IELTS-Blog: Sample Writing For IELTS Exams

By Admin at November 17, 2011 20:30
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Latest Questions For IELTS Writing Academic And General Training (GT) Modules


GT: Letter Writing Task 1

Your son was badly treated by his classmate and no action was taken by the teacher concerned to this incident. Explain this situation to the Principal. Explain the following in your letter:

-Student details of your son

-The incident

-Possible measure

Academic/GT Essay Writing Task 2

Some people believe that science has provided so many blessings whereas some believe that all these blessings are cancelled out by its curses. What is your point of view?

Attempt the answers and send to info@teconline.in for assessing your bands.

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