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Latest Essay Questions in IELTS in 2004 for British and Australia

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New Essay Questions in IELTS General Training and Academic Exams

Task 2: Unemploment is one of the major problems in the world. What are the reasons and solutions of it? Write at least 250 words for your anwers.


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IELTS Task 2 Essay Questions: Latest Questions in British and Australia Exams

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Task2: Latest Essay Writing in IELTS


Question: These are the days of alternative therapies. Lots of people take yoga and other treatments rather than the convetional mediciation. What do you think are the reasons for this change and are these really benefiting people?


Write at least 250 words for your answer.


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IELTS GT Task 1 Letter Writing - Write a letter to your manager and inform him about project status

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Question 1 - General Training IELTS for British and Australia

You are working in a multi national company. Write a letter to your employer and tell him about:

-status of project you are assigned

-future investment

-completion date

You should write at least 150 words.



Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to inform you about the latest status of our ongoing Omega Science City Project.


As the construction for this project was completed last month before our tentative schedule hence we got appreciable time to look into the interiors and some more modifications in the surroundings. As this is the first and unique science related building in this city so, we are putting much emphasis on the interiors so that it remains ventilated and gets lots of natural light. We have got workers engaged for 24x7 in three shifts to complete this project on schedule which is June 10 next month.


To work on the interiors, AC fittings and security cameras we may need some liquid cash to the tune to $4 million in the coming week. This is the only area of concern at the moment as the bank has not cleared our new loan request. I personally request you to pursue with the bank manager so that it does not become a hurdle and we achieve this target on time as always.


Hoping for your early response on this.






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