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IELTS Speaking Exam - LIVE Online Classes by TECOnline

By Admin at April 08, 2012 18:59
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Learn IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Concepts Online

Best Personal IELTS Classes

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During this online class you just need to have a headphone and a mic for the conversation with the teacher. The teacher will show you plently of common IELTS Speaking Cue Cards that are asked in the interviews.

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Free IELTS And Spoken English Classes For Students & Professionals

By Admin at April 06, 2012 18:51
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Online Personal IELTS & English Speaking Classes


TECOnline has introduced exclusive online personal training session for IELTS aspirants. All you need is a headphone and a mic to attend the classes. In these classes our trainers will teach you the basics of IELTS modules (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking).

You may also opt for personalized training course for English language and grammar concepts at very affordable price. Apart from this, there are a lot of personal assignments each day and a full access to our online material to give you best results.

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Welcome to the world of online IELTS and English Speaking classes.

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IELTS-Self-Preparation: Recently Asked Questions In IELTS Exams in January 2012

By Admin at January 18, 2012 17:26
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Tajinder's English Classes is the number 1 quality institute of Chandigarh


IELTS new Speaking Cue Cards


Q1. Tell me about a famous scientist you admire and why?

Q2. Any LIVE match that you like to watch?

Q3. Any jovial person you know in your vicinity?

Writing Task 2 - Essay Writing

Q. All over the world the governments are trying to make rules to sensor the Internet content. Do you think if such rules are made, the right to speech would get affected or do you think these rules are necessary?

Attempt these questions and send for your band assessment.

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