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IELTS Listening Module - Tips and Tricks For British & Australia

By Admin at May 09, 2014 02:46
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There are many answers spoken in the IELTS Listening Conversation which the students listen to and then, transfer them on to the answer sheet. Here are some tips to follow to improve on the score


1. Transfer all the answers in the capital letters


2. Use the universal abreviations whereever possible. For example, any currency symbol can be written while the most common are for Dollar, Euro, Pound.


3. Make sure that you are writing correct spellings and grammar.



IELTS Listening Mistakes - Differene Between Principal & Principle

By Admin at December 09, 2010 22:51
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Most Common Confusing Words In IELTS Listening


Understanding IELTS Listening

The most common thing to remember while doing an IELTS Listening module is to see in what sequence the questions are there on the sheet. The half a second gap between the various sets is most crucial. For example, here are the two words: Principal & Principle

If the audio conversation is talking about a school or a college then, if any fill ups are there then, word listened "Principal" should be written, becuase these spellings represnt a college head.

If the audio conversation is talking about an experiment, science related talk or a mathematical theory then, the word listened "Principle" should be written, becuase these spellings represent a scientific base.


9 Bands in IELTS Listening - Tips & Tricks

By Admin at January 29, 2010 18:01
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IELTS Listening Module Self Preparation Tips & Techniques


What is IELTS Listening Exam?


In this module, a candidate's ability of English Listening and understanding is checked.


What is the total time of IELTS Listening Module?


Total Time: 40-45 minutes

Time Of Audio Conversation: 20-25 minutes

Time To Transfer Answers: 10 minutes


What is the format of the IELTS Listening Question Paper?


Total Questions: 40

Total Sections: 04

Questions Per Section: 10-15


Type of Questions: 

  • Multiple Choice

  • Fill In The Blanks

  • Directions/Maps


How the IELTS Listening is conducted?


The candidates are given the headphones (usually wireless) and the question paper is given. The questions are in the same order as the audio conversation. A conversation can include

  • Monologue (Single Person Talking)

  • 2 or 3 persons in a conversation (3 persons is a rare case, but may be there)

  • A person giving a lecture/instructions

  • A phone call

  • A radio announcement


There is a 30 seconds gap before each of the section begins and before each section, an audio explanation is given about what the conversation ahead is all about.


IELTS Listening Tips To Remember


  • The 30 seconds gap before each question is very important. Look at the sequence of the questions. The audio conversation ahead follows the same sequence.

  • If the answer requires a unit to be written, use the abbreviations and save time. For example: km, cm, ml

  • Apart from the universal unit abbreviations, every word has to be written completely. For example: Govt. cannot be written instead of Government

  • Make guess if required to complete all 40 questions. There is no negative marking


IELTS Listening 100 Most Common Misspelled Words