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IELTS-Self-Test-Recently Asked IELTS Questions

By Admin at September 26, 2011 16:56
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General Training Task 1 - Letter Writing

Questions Asked on September 24, 2011

Question: You purchased a product from an online shopping site but when you received the same it was faulty. Write a letter to the web site administrator and explain your situation and write what do you want the site admin to do for you.

Write at least 150 words.

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IELTS Examination - Latest Asked Writing Questions

By Admin at September 22, 2011 01:12
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Sample General Training (GT) Letter Writing

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You have an exam in your college next week but due to some medical emergency you cannot sit in the same. Write a letter to the college principal and request him to postpone the same for you on special condition.

Your answer should be at least 150 words in length.

Model Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you that I would not be able to attend the next week's college examination due to some medical emergency I am facing.

My name is John and I am a student of B. Arch. in your college in the last semester. Yesterday, I met an accident on the way back from the library and my leg was fractured. My friends took me to the hospital nearby and after examination I was was admitted for a major surgery which will be performed on the day of the examination.

I even requested the doctor's to postpone the same to some other date but they said that they won't be able to as they are already occupied as per their schedule. They have even warned me that if I take this case lightly then, they may have to amputate my leg if the joints in the fractured leg don't heal as per their satisfaction. So, I have been advised to stay in the hospital for at least 3 weeks.

Sir, I have always been a good student with very good results all the time. The next week's exam would also affect my final score. I request you to please make an exemption for me and allow to me appear for the same exam after 3 weeks. It will help me save my career.

Looking forward to your favorable response.



John Smith


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IELTS-Classes GT Letter Writing Tasks In IELTS

By Admin at September 08, 2011 17:11
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Sample Letter Writing Task 1


In this task you are supposed to write down a formal or an informal letter with no less than 150 words and the maximum you should attempt in less than 200 words.


Question: One of your friends wants to visit your country to celebrate a festival but he is afraid of some recent terror activities in your country. Tell him about some recent developments in this regard and invite him to come.

Sample IELTS Answer:

Dear Friend,

It is my pleasure to know that you want to come to me to celebrate a festival here but at the same time I am also concerned about the fear you are having about some terror activities that took place here.

Recently, there was a terror blast in our national capital at the court complex in which 11 people died and some were injured but the police is doing their task and have nabbed the close associates of the culprits. The media has reported much development about the same.

There is nothing to be worried as far as your visit to me is concerned. You have decided a right time to visit as the festival season in my country is about to start. Please keep your plans intact as we would celebrate this festival with a great pomp and show and you need get to know more about our culture and tradition. Moreover, my home town is safe and happening as people here live in harmony and faith in each other. I will keep you posted about more news in my country so that your stick to your schedule of visiting us.

We all are eagerly waiting for you.




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