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IELTS Graph Writing Task - Make Grammatical Corrections

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IELTS Academic Exam is taken by students for admissions in British, New Zealand, Austrlia, Canada and US colleges and universities

Graph Writing Task 1

Following are some common mistakes Academic students do while writing.


Send the correct sentences to info@teconline.in to improve your grammar.

1. In 1994 to 2004 there were a continuos increase in the people which went to North America.

2. 23 Book club member prefferred reading fiction.

3. From 2003 23 percent of the graduates earning less than the national average.

4. In 1990 2000 people was unemployed.

5. In 2009 there were a lake in the wsetern region.

6. The percentage of water used agriculture sector were 90.

7. 17 hours was spend by people in reading books on a month.

8. During 1994 there was a factory but in 2000 it were converted into skyscrapers.

9. After being converted into liquid two by products was produced.

10. The area of woodland were convert into golf club.

Correct these sentences for grammar and spellings and send to info@teconline.in

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IELTS-Preparation-Modules: Writing Module Questions

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Test your English Grammar Skills

1. He's a student, isn't he? You're also a student'________?(you are,are you,aren't you.)

2.I'm sorry.I____________ understand you.( dosen't,don't, not)

3.Why___________ to the cinema with us last night?( you not come, didn't you come, not u came.)

4.Please hurry, there's not____________ time left.( some, a lot of,a little, little.)

5.I haven't been to France________.(since years, by years, since last year)

6.By the time I got to school,the class ___________.(had starated,started,has started)

7.___________the exam was difficult, he scored 95%.(Despite, however,as though)

8.You ___________ better set your alarm clock so that you don't sleep in.(had, should, would, did)

9.John___________ the tickets and now he wants the money.(already bought, has already bought)

10.I'll phone Richard when I___________ this work.(will finish, finish, finishes,shall finish)

11.If you__________ paid atttention, you wouldn't have made mistake.(had, would have, should have, have)

12.Remember that when you are in a new city you must be careful: under no circumstances___________ go out alone after dark.(would you, you should, you must, should you)

13.I wish I___________ all these new English words.(could remember,remembered, would remember, will remember)

14.Where have you been? We ________ for you for nearly an hour.(were waiting, are waiting, have been waiting,)

15.Don't forget to do your homework,______ .(would you, can you, do you, will you)

16.The teacher suggested that we_____________ buy a dicitionary.(must, should,had to)

17.The sign says you________ smoke anywhere in the building.(couldn't,won't, mustn,t)

18.There,s no point in phoning him.He,s certain____________ by now.(to leave, left, having left, to have left)

19.If only i ____________ to my teacher, I would have passed the test.(listened, would listen, had listened)

Attempt these English Grammar Questions and send the answers at info@teconline.in

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Latest Writing and Speaking Questions In IELTS Academic and General Training (GT) May 20, 2010

By Admin at May 20, 2010 22:13
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Latest Questions Asked In IELTS

Academic and General Training (GT) Modules


Writing: Essay


Q. Do you think that physical fitness is importasnt for the sportsperson or is the mental fitness that matters? Give your opinion.



Writing: Graph


Q. The question had a table in which the males and females were shown in different employement categories.


Speaking: Card


Q. A place you visited.


*These are the questions which our students told us after their exam was over.