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Recently asked IELTS Questions In General Training Writing Exam - August 05, 2010

By Admin at August 06, 2010 23:03
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Recently Asked IELTS Questions In General Training (GT) Writing Module

Task 1 (Letter Writing)


#You are going to visit a foreign country on a tourist visa for a few days. Write a letter to the Toursit Officer of the city you want to visit to get the details of the various locations you can see, the accommodation you can afford and any advice.


Task 2 (Essay Writing)

#What are the advantages and disadvantages of regular education and private education. Which view do you support and why?

Recent IELTS Academic-General Training (GT) -Latest Questions June 06, 2010 Speaking & Writing

By Admin at June 06, 2010 03:44
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Recently Asked IELTS Question In Academic & General Training Modules (GT)


Recent Asked Speaking Cue Cards


Any message you received?

-Where did you receive the message?

-What was the message about?

-What did you do after that?


Recent Writing Tasks


1. Do you think that companies should promote home-office work culture? What are the advantages and disadvanatages?


2. Many pharmaceutical companies sell their medicines at high profits and use the money in further medical researches. What are the advanagtes and disadvantages of selling medicines at high price?




Latest Questions Asked In IELTS General Training (GT) Exam - May 10, 2010

By Admin at May 12, 2010 19:03
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Task 1: Letter Writing - General Training (IELTS)

Question: You have recently attended a seminar sponsored by your company. Write a letter to your management thanking for giving you this opportunity. In this letter mention:

-What you learnt from this seminar

-What was your overall experience

-Any suggestions that you want to make