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Recently Asked IELTS Questions For Self Preparation With Tips And Tricks

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Latest Questions In IELTS Writing Exams

Essays For Academic & General Training (GT) Modules


Writing Task 1:

With the urbanizations diseases come. What kind of diseases do you think can occur and what are the solutions?


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Attempt Good Score In IELTS Essays To Get Admissions

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What is a good format for IELTS Essay?

IELTS Writing Module - Task II


The countries which are having long average hours of working. They become successful economically but it gives birth to social problems. Agree/ Disagree?


Every country has its own rules and regulations. The time tables of the working are made according to production and consumption of one country. To bring the development one has to do work mid night oil and crush in the crusher. But human being has to crush more in this over growing development. He has to sacrifice those things which are very close to him.

I am in favor of this statement. No doubt, economically development is very important. It comes with more working. But penalty is very heavy which is to be paid for it. Person is totally cut off from the society. Surprise factor is that he hardly gets time to spend with family and even with kids. Even in some family parents see the growth of child while seeing his height when he sleeps. They do not about their children. Children feel lack of affection. For those people money is everything. Due to it, people are becoming money- minded and selfish. They have long working hours. They do work 12- 14 hours. They do not have time for anybody.

On the other hand, there is another school of thought, some people believe that money makes mare go. As America is developed country due to its long working hours. It also makes country independent and raises employment. It is not time of emotionalism. Person should be practical and just work because work is worship and there is cut throat competition and we have to do work according to need and demand. As inflation is also increasing day by day so, it is very important to do work and to earn lots of money.

Furthermore, I would like to give more stress on my point as we can buy food not hunger, we can buy water not thirst and we can buy bed but not sleep in the same way we can earn money at the cost of time but we can’t buy love and affection with that money. Moreover, social and family events are also lost. Friend circle is separated. Social interaction is reducing day by day. Life has become a machine. People do not call than person. He just becomes an object which is used. The major effect is on children. It gives birth to juvenile delinquency or generation gap. No doubt, internet is helpful for social interaction. But to have that interaction is not everybody’s cup of tea.

In the nutshell, I would like to say that what is the fun of that money which can’t be enjoyed is. No doubt, economic growth is a sign of richness. But man is a social animal. He will just become dummy if he will be separated from society. He needs society and society needs him. We should love our near ones and dear ones. Whether work is very important but we can’t ignore other things.


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IELTS Sample Essay Writing To Score 6 Bands

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Sample IELTS Writing Essay Task II

Format Of A Good Essay

When so many people are starving to death in different parts of the world. Is it justifiable for any government to spend huge amount of money over the space exploration project? Give your views?

Government is called the backbone of one country. It always does work for the benefits of people and the development of country. It makes budget of a year to run expenditure and to provide healthy life to the citizens. It considers citizen as children. It makes laws and orders for the welfare of the society.

In my point of view, major consideration of government is to provide food, shelter and cloth to citizen. No doubt researches and exploration play great role to make name and fame of country. Even then citizen basic necessities can’t be ignored. As for parents children’s happiness is more important. They ignore their own happiness to provide luxurious life for kids in the same way government never ignore citizens and their basic needs.

Furthermore, I would like to say that either country like America, Australia or even India. They never play with the feelings of people. As NASA is an organization in America .It does researches on space. But American government can equally handle the basic things of people. When tsunami came or even cloud burst happened in Ladakh on that time government took the life of people as major consideration. Moreover, for a common man most important thing is the life of kids and to give them food. They never care at the Mars or the Moon there is water or not and even what is happening in the globe. Such attitude of people also never allows government to do any injustice with them.

In the nutshell, I would like to say that man has given birth to government.  His surviving is in the hand of government. For government citizens should be only wealth. Government can grow only if citizens are with it. Their ignorance can harm not only for country but also for government


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