Full Time Face To Face IELTS Courses covering all modules Reading, Listening, Speaking And Writing For Academic & General Training (GT) modules.

On the first day, we shall be judging your grammar skills and overall hold on the language. This method involves a small discussion with you and writing a letter or an essay.

60 to 90 days

This duration however, depends more on the individual ability of the students to work hard and attempt the daily assignments we provide. The duration for the IELTS full time course may even be as low as 15 days to 1 month for a bright candidate.

Daily Class Time
10-11 hours daily
The students are separately divided as per their level of understanding and independent sessions are done for each IELTS module daily.

Mock Tests
Daily Classroom Tests and Home Assignments are provided to students to improve their skills. The Mock Test is conducted once in a week.

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